United States – President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will campaign in Georgia, a crucial battleground state, on Saturday, thus it can be called the first conclave of the 2024 election on the national stage.

Controversial Election Legacy

Both candidates spent the past few weeks accusing each other of becoming a menace to democracy, but Saturday is the moment they’ll be in the same swing state, not to mention on the same day, as reported by Reuters.

Probably, there is no state whose election result is more controversial than a general election in Georgia, held on November 5, that went to Biden and what ended up being the main cause of Trump’s false claims that he was the victim of widespread fraud. He is accused in the state of criminal offenses in and around his effort to interrupt the vote count there.

Trump will hopefully win the party’s nomination on Tuesday. March 15 will be the day when Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington will hold nominations.

On Thursday, Biden presented a speech rich in castigations of Trump, giving him the liability of threatening democracy, kissing the ring of Moscow, and also killing bipartisan immigration reform.

Biden’s Challenge Amid Party Discontent

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President Obama, however, will have to deal with the anger among the party’s core supporters, who are unhappy with his espousal of Israel over the Gaza strip, in the general elections in Georgia on Tuesday.

A group of multiracial and multifaith people in Georgia conducted a campaign that calls voters to leave their ballots blank instead of casting their votes for Biden on November 2 in order to send a message to the White House that America should reconsider its diplomatic ties with Israel by changing its position.

This February, the battleground Michigan’s primary, over 100,000 people preferred to vote “uncommitted” despite allegedly the white house candidate in protest, and more than this Tuesday, Minnesota primary, the proportion was about the same percentage of the voters chose this option. But that made them more worried that some of the Democrats would prefer to stay at home in November.

“Biden cannot win (Georgia) again if young voters, Black voters, Muslim voters, the Arab American voters, the Jewish voters and others who supported him last time decide to stay home or decide to vote for a third-party candidate,” said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, spokesperson for the Listen to Georgia Coalition.

According to Mitchell, the attempt would aim to get close to the margin—roughly 11,000 votes—by which Biden won the state to communicate the perceived risk that the president is carrying out the Gaza war.


Trump will hold a rally in Rome, Georgia, on Saturday evening. This deep-red area is also within the constituency of U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch supporter who attended the State of the Union in Trump gear.

Biden will follow this up by having the Atlanta event later in the evening. The city’s suburbs, that are fast growing and becoming more diverse as well, are being considered as the life jacket for the Democrats in the state.

Senior Democrats and the Biden campaign ache considering the possibility that the Hawaiian state, which they considered themselves to have won with difficulty in 2020, may slip from their grasp in 2024 due to Black voter discontent that threatens to curtail the turnout. In 2020, Biden broke the losing trend in Georgia by narrowly defeating Trump by only 0.23%.

Georgia’s Political Landscape and Key Figures

Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, and the state’s top election official, Brad Raffensperger, constantly asserted that no widespread fraud had occurred and that the revenue from votes was legitimate despite Trump’s assertions to the contrary.

In Georgia, prosecutors claim Trump and his allies committed a crime by falsely claiming the election and the development of a plan that was conducive to the disturbance and delay of congressional endorsement of the electoral votes. Trump denies the charges.

The defense of the Trumps and others involves a claim that the head of Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, was unqualified to be appointed as the special prosecutor on the case because of the apparent improper relationship she allegedly has with the said prosecutor and that she personally enriched herself materially through the relationship. Willis has denied and refuted the allegations.

Last month, a judge sitting in Fulton County took arguments ear and it is just days until the judge will make a ruling, as reported by Reuters.

Prosecutors are trying to fasten the beginning of the trial for Trump, and they want to start it in August when nobody imagines that as elections are fast approaching, Trump will be doing the campaigning. However, it is secondly doubtful whether it will be launched prior to the election.


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