United States: The Biden administration on Friday announced penalties against two bodies accused of collecting funds for extremist settlers in the West Bank, who assault and harass Palestinians, as well as an organization whose members necessarily beat Palestinians, as reported by Associated Press.

Treasury Department Targets Organizations

The Treasury Department statement follows those weeks when the settlements witnessed most of their brutal attacks against the Palestinians since the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip.

The tensions are also evident between President Joe Biden and the far-right Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose administration harshly criticized previous sanctions against West Bank settlers by the international community.

Sanctions Imposed on Mount Hebron Fund and Shlom Asiraich

By the end of Friday, two entities—Mount Hebron Fund and Shlom Asiraich—will have been appended to the sanctions accused of raising funds for sanctioned settlers Yinon Levi and David Chai Chasdai.

The fundraising campaigns that the Mount Hebron Fund did for the sake of Levi and by Shlom Asiraich for Chasdai generated USD 140,000 and USD 31,000, respectively, which were both mentioned in the U.S. treasury.

The sanctions should prevent them from implementing financial dealings in America, and Americans should not have any type of engagement with them either.

State Department Designates Lahava Leader as a Threat

Also, the State Department is categorizing Ben-Zion Gopstein, the founder and leader of Lahava, as DPI, an organization whose members have thrashed Palestinian civilians, as reported by Associated Press.

Commitment to Peace and Stability

Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo said the organizations “undermine the peace, security, and stability of the West Bank. We will continue to use our tools to hold those responsible accountable.”

In February, Biden issued an executive order that focuses more solely on the settlers in the West Bank who were reportedly responsible for intimidating Palestinians and Israeli peace activists in the occupied territory.


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