United States – 18 Republican congressmen are calling on President Joe Biden to cancel his campaign’s TikTok account because of the national security concerns.

This letter written by the lawmakers and seen by Reuters, states that the president “neglects TikTok’s obvious national security risks. How can the federal government inform Americans of the risks of the app if the commander in chief uses it, too?”

Biden’s TikTok Campaign

On Feb. 11, Biden’s campaign joined the short-video app TikTok. This comes at a time when Biden is pursuing the favor of the young voters. The campaign started with a video viewed 9.6 million times and it had about 162,000 followers.

Call for Action

Senators Josh Hawley, Marshall Blackburn, Rick Scott, John Barrasso, Jerry Moran, and Marco Rubio were among the lawmakers who pushed Biden to “delete your account and publicly acknowledge the national security threat posed by TikTok.”

Requests for comment on the letter were not answered by the White House, TikTok, or the Biden campaign on Monday.

Last week, senator-democrat Mark Warner raised questions about national security and the Biden campaign’s participation in TikTok.

“I think that we still need to find a way to follow India, which has prohibited TikTok,” said Warner, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee. “I’m a little worried about a mixed message.”

Nikki Haley’s Stance

Nikki Haley, Republican presidential candidate, this Sunday repeated her stand to ban TikTok. “We should have banned it from the beginning. It is incredibly dangerous,” she said during a Fox News event.

Broader Congressional Concerns

Efforts in Congress to ban or restrict TikTok by passing new legislation have failed, and some recommend that the Commerce Department put China-based TikTok parent ByteDance on the export control list.

TikTok recently informed Congress that it now has an estimated user base of 170 million Americans, as compared to 150 million a year ago.

The White House claimed earlier this week that a ban signed by Biden remains in force despite TikTok being banned from usage on government devices approved by Congress in 2022

Ongoing National Security Debate

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), chaired by the US Treasury Department, was reported by Reuters and other sources in March 2023 as having demanded that TikTok’s Chinese owners sell their shares or face a ban, but the current administration has still not taken any further action.


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