United States: On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the detention of the Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich by the Russian authorities, President Joe Biden said the USA is a tireless worker and gets the release of this representative going on every day.

President Biden’s Call for Action

“Journalism is not a crime, and Evan went to Russia to do his job as a reporter — risking his safety to shine the light of truth on Russia’s brutal aggression against Ukraine,” Biden said in a statement Friday, as reported by The Associated Press.

Gershkovich was detained during his work trip in Yekaterinburg, a city in the Ural Mountains. The FSB, the Federal Security Service, claims that Mr. Snowden had been directed by the United States to collect top secrets and presents no proof, while he, the Journal, and the U.S. government all deny the accusation. He was wrongly detained by Washington.

On Friday, there was a giant blank space on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, with an image at the top of the page of Gershkovich in the newspaper’s signature pencil drawing and a headline that read: “His Story Should be Here.”

Renewed Efforts for Release

The most recent court hearing only gave a glimpse of the development of the case under investigation. He was to be held at least until the last date of June 30, which became the fifth extension of his stay in jail.

Nevertheless, the sporadic court sessions provide an opportunity for his relatives, friends, and American officials to get a view of him. The solitude of prison life for a 32-year-old journalist becomes a break to his otherwise relatively routine schedule.

Biden said in the statement that he would never give up hope.

“We will continue working every day to secure his release,” the Democratic president said. “We will continue to denounce and impose costs for Russia’s appalling attempts to use Americans as bargaining chips. And we will continue to stand strong against all those who seek to attack the press or target journalists — the pillars of a free society.”

Biden noted that America was making use of its federal resources to enable the liberation of all its citizens held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad.

Solidarity with Other Detainees

What is more, among the U.S. inmates accused of espionage is Paul Whelan, a Michigan resident by birth and a corporate executive. He was arrested in 2018 in Russia and sentenced directly to 16 years of imprisonment a year later. Whelan, who left for Moscow to participate in a friend’s wedding, has so far been denying the charges and claimed the charges were fabricated.

Resilience Amid Adversity

Both Gershkovich and Whelan have “remained resilient despite the circumstances of living in Russian detention,” according to a statement from Antony Blinken, as reported by The Associated Press.

“People are not bargaining chips,” Blinken said. “Russia should end its practice of arbitrarily detaining individuals for political leverage and should immediately release Evan and Paul.”


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