United States – President Joe Biden will use his fourth State of the Union address this Thursday night to crystallize differences between him and his Republican opponent, Donald Trump. He will also boost citizens’ confidence in the economy.

For the first time in many years, the annual presidential address, an event that has stems from the requirement of the US Constitution that a President reports information about the country “from time to time” to the Congress, will be held at 9 p.m. (1400 GMT) before a special session of the House of the Representatives and the Senate, and a public television audience, as reported by Reuters.

Election Dynamics and Voter Considerations

This may stand as the year’s most significant time for Biden to echo his way to the 2022 election among the voters who are still wondering whether to vote for him, Trump, who already eliminated his challenger, Haley, or not to vote at all on this election, which is on November 5.

According to polls, Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, are arguably very even in states of major importance, which could easily tip the balance either to the Republicans or the Democrats. However, the vast majority of American voters have no real affection for either candidate or for him having another term in office.

Biden will enter on the House floor fighting to prove to voters that he is doing all he can to safeguard our democracy from Trump, who would likely lie about his 2020 election loss and press for the imprisonment of political enemies. Biden vows that he will defend a woman’s right to an abortion and lower the cost of inflation caused by higher prices.

Policy Proposals and Tax Reforms

The President will resume his campaign on Wednesday to raise more taxes from the rich and corporations, and he is planning to lay some new proposals with higher minimum taxes for companies and individuals with a wealth of over USD100 million.

Any such tax reform is unlikely unless the Democratic Party wins both chambers of Congress in November, which is unlikely.

Mr. Biden will address how he is for the unions and on the positive effect of his legislative successes, such as infrastructure and computer chips production, if he given more four years to do so.

Biden will emphasize the American leadership globally and cite the US support to Ukraine and Israel as a shining example, as one of his aides said. He is expected to use the speech again to call for a USD95 billion military assistance to Ukraine and aid to Israel, which House Speaker Kim Johnson has repeatedly blocked.

Leading Biden’s speech on Wednesday, Johnson said that Biden had harmed the prestige and economy of the United States. “Our stature has been diminished to a point that is difficult to calculate,” Johnson stated.

Trump Comparisons

Credit | AP

The US economy stands out among many high-income countries due to a remarkable rate of employment expansion, wage increase, and spending. Nonetheless, Republican voters will undoubtedly let the pollsters know that they are dissatisfied with the economy, according to polls, and overall, Americans give Trump a better grade for economic issues.

Biden’s re-election campaign team would raise Trump’s abortion, economic, and tax policies, as well as policies regarding black communities and Latinos on Thursday, which are mentioned in the new strategy memos.

“We intend to remind voters of the chaos and lasting damage Trump caused as president,” the campaign said.

Focus on Civil Rights and Biden’s Leadership Style

The American civil rights organization NAACP published a “Black policy agenda” ahead of Biden’s speech, urging him to advance efforts to secure voting rights and criminal justice reform.

“Black voters refuse to remain tone deaf to the reality of actions, or lack thereof, on behalf of any politician,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said.

Despite the questions about Biden’s ability to run for a second time after several gaffes, his performance on that Thursday will be monitored in terms of his physical and mental state. In his speech, which will last at least an hour, Biden will have someone reading from a TelePrompTer to him.

Disregarding the last year’s State of the Union address, some of Trump’s Republican rivals who wanted to oppose most of Biden’s policy could be the most vocal members of the audience, as reported by Reuters.

“This is a chance for him to really project and possibly allay some concerns about his age,” said Thomas Alan Schwartz, a presidential historian and professor at Vanderbilt University. “There’s a lot of people who need assurance that he is much more capable.” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Wednesday that Biden has been honest and joked about his age. But, she said, “this is also a president that has gotten more done in three years than most presidents have accomplished in two terms.”

Biden is expected to have spent last weekend working on his speech, torn out with top advisers at the Camp David presidential site in the Maryland mountains, and he is expected to continue working on it until he gives it.


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