United States – President Joe Biden is in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday when he blasts Donald Trump for approving tight new abortion rules and, at the same time, hoping to increase his own chances as a Democrat in a state that has not been Democratic for some time.

Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban

Just days ago, the Florida Supreme Court issued a green light for the enactment of a 6-week abortion ban, which shall come into effect on May 1, which is often a time when most women have not yet learned about their pregnancy, as reported by Reuters.

The Biden campaign answered with a battle cry the night of the referendum, saying that they would win Florida in the fall by overturning the ban. Voters in the U.S. routinely vote against difficult abortion bans, as shown by consultations and state initiatives.

Abortion Emerges as Key Election Issue in 2024

The right to abortion has become a key feature in the 2024 elections, and Democrats believe the strict restrictions like in Florida and Arizona, which only not long ago revived a 160-year-old prohibition, will lead the voters to vote for Biden.

Regional Impact of Abortion Restrictions

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Biden will warn Americans in Florida and surrounding states that their freedoms if not under attack, campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said.

“When Florida’s ban takes effect, it will severely restrict reproductive health care access across the entire Southeastern United States, including neighboring battlegrounds of Georgia and North Carolina,” she added.

Abortion restriction nearly extends across the whole South due to new laws overwhelmingly sponsored by the Republican Party that require us to pass borders to get access to our rights.

In recent days, Trump’s stand on this story has been hard to understand. The Republicans underplayed the AZ situation and, at the same time,, took credit for selecting the three Supreme Court Justices who reversed Roe v. Wade and ensured that the states kept their restrictions.


time. However, the Republicans have tied with the Democrats considerably more lately to the disadvantage of the Democrats.

A Biden aide claims that those Democrats might be too optimistic about the outcome of their campaign in the state.

Uphill Battle for Democrats in Florida

In 2020, Trump won Florida with 51.2% of the votes, approximately Biden’s 47.9% vote.

On the other hand, the Florida Democratic Party Chair has witnessed an expansion of funds spent on campaign advertising, staffing, and office space by the Biden campaign. Biden would be aware that the tough work needed to win Florida is going to be worth it.

The FiveThirtyEight website, dedicated to election data, has run a series of opinion polls and published them in a single compilation. While Trump is much ahead of his opponent, Florida remains a battleground state.

“The idea that Donald Trump has Florida in the bag could not be further from the truth. He owns not only the state of abortion rights across the country, but he also owns the restrictions that will play out in Florida,” Michael Tyler, the Biden campaign’s communications director, told reporters on a call, as reported by Reuters.

Florida’s Role in National Abortion Debate

Aside from the six-month ban, the Florida Supreme Court also put a ballot to voters to decide whether they will amend the constitutional rights of the state to feature a right to an abortion. Our performance will appear on the ballot along with the presidential race on November 5.


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