United States – President Joe Biden told the U.S. House to do quickly a Senate-passed additional funding for Ukraine and Israel on Monday when he had the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala in the Oval Office.

Biden’s Trip

The trip was one of Biden’s efforts to bring to light what the international community is doing to support Ukraine. This move is stated to be the continuation of the Czech government’s provision for 1 million rounds of artillery ammunition to Ukraine, which the authorities have claimed to be desperately needed to fight Russia’s invasion, as reported by Associated Press.

“As the Czech Republic remembers, Russia won’t stop at Ukraine,” Biden said. He appealed to Congress to pass the supplemental funding so the U.S. could do its part to help Ukraine. “They have to do it now,” Biden said.

Fiala mentioned the U.S. president’s leading role in backing Ukraine, stating, “We are also doing our best.”

He said, “In 1968, I saw Russian tanks in the streets of my town, and I don’t want to see this again.”

Calls for Enhanced Military Assistance

The Czech leader illustrated such a statement in his speech when speaking on behalf of Czech Republic as NATO’s “great ally”, and the president elaborated that through this cooperation and security would be enhanced, as reported by Associated Press.

According to media reports, Fiala discussed responsive measures with the U.S. President to intensify Ukraine’s military assistance. He will attend a meeting with Congress members on Tuesday to strategize ways of enhancing Ukraine’s military aid.


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