United States – U.S. President Joe Biden has widened his lead over Donald Trump slightly only before the November presidential elections. The fact that the Republican rival will go through one more trial from four is still in accordance with Reuters poll.

Biden Extends Lead in Latest Poll

As many as 41% of the respondents in the five-day survey among registered voters, which closed on Monday, cited they would vote for the incumbent, Biden, a Democrat, over former President Trump. Compared with a one-point lead of Biden in a Reuters poll in March, the four-point lead was larger.

The poll has about four percent margin of error for registered voters, with many who will vote in the November 5 elections barring their minds.

According to the poll, among the voters who had registered, only 22% had not chosen a candidate, were planning to support third-party candidates, or might not have cast a ballot at all.

While national polls offer an overview of which political candidates the American people favor, the US president’s election is decided by the College of Electors, which is mostly based on the outcome of only a few states.

The three-way split created by the two candidates carries some liabilities ahead of what is expected to be another close election and, for the first time in nearly 70 years, a presidential rematch.

Trump Faces Legal Battles

Donald Trump Faces in a Manhattan Courtroom. Credit | AP

Trump faces arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom on April 15, marking the beginning of the proceedings in the first of four pending criminal cases.

The case in Manhattan is about the claims Trump paid an adult film actress to keep her (silence) about an alleged affair between him and the actress before he was elected the President. Trump pleaded not guilty and claimed that he never met with the girl.

In the other trials, he tried to overturn his 2020 election defeat. He also was accused of mishandling sensitive documents after leaving the presidency in 2021. Trump has pleaded his innocence to all the charges.

Biden’s disadvantages consist of the doubts in his age – 81 – as well as the objections quite common for some part of the Democratic Party regarding his support to Israel in its war against Hamas.

Electoral College Dynamics

The poll, which canvassed adults in the country, attempted to measure support for Biden and Trump through a number of means, 77; most of the data showed a close electoral race.

Biden’s advantage among all the people who were surveyed was smaller, at 1 point, yet his lead over registered voters was huge compared to the rest of the respondents because people who are already registered to vote are more likely to vote in November. Only about half of all voters registered or showed their support in the 2020 general election between Biden and Trump.

Methodology and Margin of Error

Trump was the favorite among those with no college degree, whereas Biden was the preferred choice among college graduate voters.

As part of the Reuters survey, there were 833 registered voters questioned online from all parts of the country. It reported a margin of error of 4% among the registered voters.


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