United States: The scientists and experts have warned that bird flu can become a big concern for the general public because there is lack of data in tracking the virus, which has been scientifically called Type A H5N1.

The statement has been shared by the health authorities after the disease has spread to around 129 cow herds across 12 states. In addition to this, the experts have also outlined that the disease can also transmit from one mammal to another. It is to be noted that the concerns of health authorities are high because recently the disease have been reported among alpacas and house cats, as reported by Voice of America.

Rising Cases Among US Cows!

After witnessing the surge, the health experts and scientists have raised concerns about the increasing spread of the disease among cows. They have predicted that such fast spread might be because of changes and mutations in virus. They have also mentioned that the changes could also result in making the spread among mammals, especially humans, easier and quick.

Cases Reported in the US

As of now, as many as four (4) people have tested positive for H5N1 bird flu. Surprisingly, all four cases were reported after close contact with cows.

Comments by Experts!

The matter was addressed by a professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania – Scott Hensley, who has outlined that the spread of infection is high, which could increase the threat of a pandemic, which is currently low.

Furthermore, the officials have mentioned that more information about human cases will provide more assistance in following steps to reduce the spread.

The government of the United States have stated that they will be testing cows for the virus and currently they have been testing the cows which will be crossing the state borders.

While elaborating about the testing among the general public, the experts have claimed that as of now the testing is very little, as reported by Reuters.

An anonymous spokesperson for the US Department of Agriculture outlined that the agency “is working around the clock with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a whole-of-government response.” Additionally, it was highlighted that the food available in America is safe from the virus and the “risk to human health is also low,” as reported by VOA.

A pandemic like 2019!

It is evident that a few pandemics, such as COVID-19, can become dangerous for the world and do come with a little warning. During the last pandemic caused by H1N1 virus, occurred in 2009, have led to death of around half a million people and around 150,000 people caught infection across the world. While elaborating the facts, Hensley mentioned that more information about the virus could have helped health authorities to prepare and act wisely.

Observing the current scenario, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has asserted that there is no evidence of transmission between humans, and the human risk is also low.

Global Preps!

Precautionary steps have been taken by the governments of various countries, such as gathering of “pre-pandemic” flu vaccine shots which could be given to high-risk groups.

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