U.S.A. President Joe Biden

Biden Administration Imposes Penalties on Entities Funding Extremist Settlers in West Bank

The Biden administration imposing sanctions on those affiliates, which fund extremist settlers, send a strong message on peace and stability in the West Bank as well as embarking on an active security path in West Asia.
The Department of Justice

Biden Administration Takes Action to Address Gun Violence and Carjackings

The Department of Justice's preventative activities are focused on combating the aggression, boosting the community safety, and keeping appropriate authorities accountable.
U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer

Senate Democrats Divided Over Impeachment Plan for Biden’s Border Manager

Impeachment of Mayorkas in the midst of the partisan battles and the legal tactics, the impeachment trial raises the red eyebrow over the political landscape before the 2024 election.
U.S. President Joe Biden

Biden Urges Swift Action on Additional Funding for Ukraine and Israel

Biden's and Fiala's meeting points to the urgent need for immediate action by the U.S. Congress, specifically to authorize additional financial support to Ukraine and Israel, whereby the two countries will continue receiving support.
Abortion rights Referendum in Arizona

Thousands Rally for Abortion rights Referendum in Arizona Amid Abortion Debate

As recent court rulings and rallies resound the atmosphere, abortion debate becomes more intense; one month before the US November elections, Abortion rights have become more pronounced in politics.
Leonard Leo, Chairman of the board of directors of the Federalist Society

Senate Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena to Conservative Legal Figure Leonard Leo

The subpoena of Leonard Leo, which shines a light on the ethical issues raised around the supreme court, comes as a sign of the conversations between the Democrats and the Republicans.
U.S. President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump

Biden Widens Lead Over Trump as Former President Faces Legal Challenges

While President Biden is still out in front in new poll numbers versus former President Trump, Trump faces serious legal challenges, and we have a closely watched presidential race ahead of us.
Donald Trump Faces Landmark Trial for Hush Money

Trump Faces Landmark Trial for Hush Money Payments as Political and Legal Ramifications Loom

The exceptional "hush money" trial for Trump means that this is a critical juncture of his political destiny and his legal disputes.
Biden Urges Action in Gaza Hostage Crisis

Biden Urges Action in Gaza Hostage Crisis: Diplomatic Push Intensifies

President Biden's initiative diplomacy of course implies that he goes for solving the hostage crisis in Gaza with aspirations of securing a peace treaty as soon as possible. An end of the longstanding conflict therefore seems reachable.
Federal Judge Rejects Trump's Attempt to Dismiss Case Over Alleged Secret Documents

Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Attempt to Dismiss Case Over Alleged Secret Documents

The US judge ruled against the attempt by Trump to toss out the suit, and the trial is set for May 20, 20, which might result in a trial.

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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Launches Multistate Tour to Boost Economic Message

Vice President Harris's tour underscores a commitment to empowering Black communities and mobilizing crucial support ahead of the November elections.
Celebrity and Businesswoman Kim Kardashian and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris

Kardashian and Harris Forge Path for Justice Reform at White House

Harris and Kardashian's meeting clearly draws a line to bipartisan efforts in jail reform and it is a significant fact of the way to obtain systemic inequalities.