Cobray M11 done and ready to run.

Ok. Not quite a complete rebuild, but not that far off either. We took this Cobray in as a used pistol and it seems like it had never been serviced. The issues

  • Recoil buffer disintegrating. 
  • Disintegrating buffer flowing into the firing pin channel.
  • Recoil spring that has never been off the gun. 
  • Magazine spring weak.
  • Magazine tube dirty. 
  • OEM cocking handle functionally unusable. 

So we are in the gun taking care of that. There are two buffer styles. We purchased both. And even though we took the recoil spring off the rod, went ahead and used the no-fit buffer instead. 

In layman’s terms, removing the recoil spring requires he user to remove the recoil spring guide rod. This is a pain in the ass if you don’t have some basic gun smithing tools. Spoiler alert! Most M11 owners don’t. So the no-fit buffer is very popular with that crowd. 

Cobray M11 Spring & Buffer Change.
The no-fit buffer.

Pro-tip, I highly suggest you order an extra recoil rod roll pin should you go that route. It’s easily damaged. 

The final product runs as well as it was designed in the 1970’s. Think of that as 80% plus. The biggest issue with the MAC series guns is their owners never really get inside to clean things up properly. And they NEVER change springs. 

Should you ever run across one that “doesn’t work”, go ahead and buy it at a steep discount. I think we rebuilt the entire gun for around 70 bucks. 






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