Is a Semi-Auto FAMAS worth $125,000?

Me following the price of FAMAS rifles has turned into somewhat a reoccurring theme around here. Probably a coping mechanism to assuage my guilt for not buying one of these when I had the chance. 

I mean sure…I “could” buy a FAMAS for $125k. But at that price, I am very deep into some class 3 territory. And at those prices, it’s understood I am giving up something else for the FAMAS. 

Just can’t justify it personally. At least not now. But it begs the question, what is the ceiling for FAMAS rifles in the US? Well after watching this rifle sit with no action for a few weeks, it is safe to say that $125,000 is above the market price. 

Also interesting enough, the serial number on this gun is probably the lowest I have seen in the US: “SA 00013B”. The other gun we featured is “SA 00055B”.

Could there be 40 to 50 FAMAS rifles in the US? If so, that’s way more that what most guess. I usually see numbers closer to a dozen or so. 

But over 50?! Maybe there is hope for me yet! 

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