United States – A federal judge on Thursday turned down Donald Trump’s argument that the case of allegedly holding on to secret documents should be dismissed because, in his view, the material was his personal documents.

Trump’s Argument Dismissed

Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who ran against President Joe Biden in the last November election, claimed that he was authorized under federal law, which allows former Presidents to keep their personal records without being connected to federal government purposes, as reported by Reuters.

Judge Considers Trump’s Argument

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Judge Aileen Cannon of the U.S. District Court appeared partially convinced during Tuesday’s hearing that the case doesn’t merit dismissal for the argument that Trump advanced. However, she said the argument might have “some force” in the defense at the trial.

Now, on March 18, the judge probed Trump as to whether he had any ideas about Smith’s advice to the prosecutors on how to instruct the future jurors on Trump’s “personal records” claim.

By contrast, Cannon, who was nominated to the bench by Trump, denied the applicability of the claim that the famous charge against the former president was improperly given as it was so vague earlier. While the presidential immunity issue will be pivotal in the proceedings, Trump also has several other remaining arguments, including one concerning alleged selective targeting of prosecutors.

Attorneys who worked with Smith have contradicted Trumps’ portrayal of those documents as private, contending that they dealt with secret nuclear weapons programs and national vulnerabilities to foreign aggression.

After leaving the White House in 2017, Trump was not entitled to retain any top-secret material on U.S. national security, even if he classified the records as his own.

Allegations Against Trump

Trump has a plea of not guilty to 40 federal counts alleging him of keeping sensitive documents and hindering the key U.S. government efforts to recover them. Trump, with his attorneys, considered the matter of lying to investigators and hid containers with archives after the authorities’ order to return them, as the indictment suggests.

The case is one of the four cases being brought to criminal prosecution against Trump in a bid to topple Biden and return to Washington as a president. Trump has proclaimed the case is as a result of a politicized maneuver to harm his campaign, as reported by Reuters.

Trial Date Set

Both parties have accepted the trial’s current set for May 20 as delayed. Regarding opposing ideas for a new schedule, Cannon has not yet made a decision.


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