United States – As summer becomes warmer and stormy seasons less predictable, more people in America claim that climate change negatively impacts their mental health, a poll reveals.

Poll Findings

In a survey conducted with more than 2,200 adults at the end of May, 53% of those investigated indicated that they agree that the impacts of global warming affect Americans’ mental health, as reported by HealthDay.

This is an enhancement from 48% of the respondents who were asked in a comparable poll in 2022, as per the study’s sponsor, the American Psychiatric Association.

Expert Insights

“As psychiatrists, we know our mental state is not immune to these weather changes, and we also know that certain communities are disproportionately impacted,” said APA President Dr. Ramaswamy Viswanathan. “I would encourage those who feel overwhelmed to remember that there is still hope in the solutions we can adopt as individuals and on a more global scale.”

Visual Representation. Credit | REUTERS

Thus, it becomes clear that it is not only the equilibrium of mind that is disturbed by high temperatures, wildfire, hurricanes etc.

Out of the poll, 39% agreed that climate change is also impacting folks’ ability to feed themselves, and 37% said that the issue has impacted their finances for themselves and families (36%), housing (34%), neighborhoods (25%), jobs or careers (26%) or education (24%).

Age and Racial Disparities

Age mattered: “The majority of respondents ages 18-34 said climate change impacts their mental [53%] and physical health [52%], while less than a quarter [<25%] of adults ages 65+ said climate change is impacting any tested aspect of their life,” the APA said in a news release, as reported by HealthDay.

In regards to race, black/Hispanic Americans also disagreed less strongly than whites regarding climate change affecting mental health (27%, 26%, and 21%, respectively).

Government Response Concerns

In an election year, a majority (54%) of respondents also admitted that they are concerned about how the government is combating climate change, with about a fifth (21%) of them very anxious about the subject.

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