J8F1 Scope Case

As some of you might recall, the John1911 Armory is on the list for a new production J8F1 scope for our French Army Sniper Rifle: The FRF2.

This AM, the French manufacturer reached out and wanted to know if we would also be interested in an extra accessory. What I will call a hard sided, scope field case. 

(PDF from the manufacturer)

J8F1 Original Container Box – FRF2 Sniper Rifle

While I suspect many US collectors will opt for the extra accessory, we are going to pass. Firstly the original order does include some kind of OEM hard case. Which for us is just something we will have to keep track of. Paying 400 Euros for the inconvenience to track more accessories isn’t something we would be interested in.  

Let me explain: The John1911 rifle room uses high-density, vertical rifle storage. Literally one of the same rack systems DOD facilities use. We aren’t a museum. This isn’t going to be the centerpiece of some kind of MILSURP display. The FRF2 will be racked in the armory and pulled out when wanting to shoot it. 

I see no reason to ever remove the scope from the rifle or eat up more room with the large accessories. So 100 years from now when our rifle is moving through auction hands, and somebody is complaining why this gun doesn’t have every last accessory and widget? 

This is why. Ours is a fully functional, type based, shooting collection. Not a variant collection. A FRF2 with a J8F1 scope is a complete rifle for our use case. 


We offer our J8F1 customers – in addition to the black carrying case which is already included in your pack (also sold to the French Forces), this regulatory carrying case used in the French forces. We sold it mainly before the 2000s.

You will find joined to this email some additional information.

We are considering a price of 400€/per unit for USA for this historical object (including delivery).

Could you please let me know if you are interested or not?

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