United States – On Monday, Kamala Harris, the United States Vice President, will embark on a multistate bus tour to deliver the economic message to black Americans about the chances they can have under the current Democratic administration. This will also help mobilize the black community ahead of the November election.

Addressing the Concerns of Black Men

The tour aims to empower and motivate Black men, the key demographic that surveys show has lost much of its confidence in the Democratic Party. The race to regain their vote may be the justice whether or not President Joe Biden wins the election again by returning to the White House, as reported by Reuters.

In a survey of seven swing states by the Wall Street Journal, the percentage of Black men backing the Republican 2024 nominee, Donald Trump, was higher than that of their predecessor, Joe Biden.

Harris will participate in a sourced dialogue with Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, who have used podcasts to broaden the financial literacy domain among Black communities.

The trip, which leads Detroit in a week, will focus on investing in neighborhoods, building wealth, and the White House, pointing out that American citizens of all colors should enjoy economic opportunities. It will also portray the administration’s achievements, amongst others, which include a USD 158 million federal grant for a project that will reintegrate the Black communities divided from the downtown area by major roads and highways.

Georgia’s Significance

Biden shocked the nation with his first win in Georgia since 2020, narrowing the margin just slightly under 12,000 votes. The Democrats’ success was also driven by the state’s support, which put two Democrats in the U.S. Senate, which aided Biden’s legislative budget.

Georgia is seen as a hill that the Democrats should climb over and have a chance of winning again if the blacks, who make up 30% of Georgia’s population, cast their ballots in large numbers, as reported by Reuters.

This is set to be Harris’s third Georgia trip in 2024, her eighth since she was sworn in.

Highlighting Achievements

Harris’s campaign has conducted more than 35 visits to 16 states in the past three months; among the visits are the Black History Month tour of historically black colleges and institutions and a March trip to the Black Wall Street in Durham, NC, to announce USD 32 million to the Black Wall Street to support the under-served entrepreneurs.


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