United States – U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will invite high-profile celebrity and businesswoman Kim Kardashian to the White House tomorrow. They will discuss the criminal justice reform after President Joe Biden gave pardons to more people incarcerated on simple drug offense charges.

On Wednesday, Biden exercised the executive power to grant clemency to sixteen people, including 11 who were pardoned and five who were granted commutation of their sentences. According to a White House official, on condition that he be not named, at least four of the pardon recipients will participate in Thursday’s ceremony.

Political Context

Harris campaigns for the reelection of Biden and herself at a time of the following two: white college-age voters and people of color are not too satisfied with the way immigration is slowing down the economy, and they handle inflation.

Criminal Justice Statistics

The United States of America is the country that imprisons most individuals on earth. Worldwide, this 1.9 million people committing the drug-related crime is 20% of the total prison population. The highest rates of imprisonment fall for black and Latino population groups, while the law reform regarding drugs has the most excellent support among young voters. “Black,” “Latino,” and “Youths” are likely to vote for Democrats.

Policy Announcement

On the occasion of the meeting, President Harris will make a public announcement that the Small Business Administration is changing a rule so that it is possible to participate in the loans program even if a person has a criminal record, the White House official said. Kardashian caught the eye of the public as a champion of justice reform advocacy during Trump’s tenure as the former president.

Biden Administration’s Prior Actions

U.S. President Joe Biden. Credit | REUTERS

According to the White House, as soon as he stepped into office, Biden granted pardons to 122 people and commuted the sentences of 20 people who had committed non-violent drug offenses. In December, Biden used his authority to grant an unconditional pardon to all people who had been convicted years ago of using or simply possessing marijuana in Washington, D.C., and on federal lands, as reported by Reuters.

With rapper Fat Joe, Harris organized a roundtable last month for those who had received pardons for marijuana-related convictions.


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