M47 Danish Madsen Bolt Action Rifle

This might be the first M47 Madsen I have ever seen for sale in person. Well…it wasn’t actually for sale. I tried to buy it, but was told by the owner it was in his personal collection. 

I don’t generally post about rifles that are on our long-term “to acquire” list until after they are bought. But I am making an exception in this case. 

Here’s why…

M47 Madsen
M47 Danish Madsen Bolt Action Rifle

For one, they are not common in my neck of the woods, so I don’t typically get an opportunity to talk about them. Secondly, the prices people have been asking for them on the internet have completely clogged up the market. 

What I mean by that is, for some reason, a bunch of folks have listed these guns online for $1800. Which is fine. It’s your property and this is America. If you can get that, good for you. But I have been eyeing the M47 Madsen market for 24 months and these guns don’t sell. They don’t transact. They don’t move. Especially at $1800. 

The analysis: That tells me the Madsen M47 market is completely frozen. Locked up. And with the overall demand of collectible guns falling because of economic uncertainty; if you buy one of these right now at $1800, you are going to get ass-raped on resale. 

And I mean that: completely butt-fucked. 

The M47 was never issued as a service rifle. Has no significant or even insignificant MILSURP provenance. And in 2022, the 30-06 caliber isn’t exactly a chambering casual shooters can affordably buy in bulk anymore. 

In short, everything marketwise about this gun actually sucks. 

So it’s a wait-and-see moment for us. Does the economy roll over and entire MILSURP collections come up for sale as the first thing to go? Or is the $1800 M47 Madsen the new normal? 

The John1911 Armory are not buyers at this time. 




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