MAC 1950 Three Magazines

MAC 1950 Three Magazines

As promised in the last MAC 1950 video, we have some extra magazines from OWS. It seems they are only selling to prior customers and limiting 2 mag per order. 

Let me state that the MAC 1950 has always been very hard to come by in the United States. And it wasn’t unheard of to find a MAC 1950 with only one mag. Or sometimes none. 

So right now for those who don’t understand, it’s feast time with all the MAC’s Old Western Scrounger has imported. But once they are gone, the pistols will skyrocket in price. And the mags will get sky high too.

Do NOT sit on your hands and think the current list price sucks and you’ll just score mags at a more reasonable price on eBay. Never gonna happen. 

It was nothing to see a single MAC 1950 mag going for multiple hundreds of dollars just a year ago. And I have no doubt they will return to that price once OWS sells out. 





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