United States: A “Certification of Vote” fabricated as the results from Michigan’s 2020 presidential election submitted to the US Senate was revealed, according to an official’s testimony on Tuesday, during a preliminary hearing for charges of forgery and other crimes against six individuals that are purportedly fake electors. 

By his account, that “alleged” Certificate of Votes looked nothing like the document signed by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and included the state seal, observed Dan Schwager, who acted as an adviser to the secretary of the Senate in 2020-2021. 

“We could tell it was not an authorized Certificate of Votes. It was a fake,” Schwager testified in Lansing District Court. 

Forgery Allegations Unveiled 

Democratic nominee for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed a lawsuit, especially against the 15 involved Republicans. The zealots have maintained that they signed a document of Michigan’s “Duely Elected Qualified Elector Certification” in a meeting that was held on Dec 14, 2020, at Michigan’s Republican headquarters for the same. 

The defendants’ opinion is that their actions were not illegal, although this is at tension with the fact that Joe Biden won Michigan by a margin of around 155,000 votes over the incumbent President Donald Trump, who was subsequently and accurately investigated by Michigan’s Senate in 2021. 

Legal Action and Defendants’ Defense 

Trump’s election was unfair, and it was canceled by fake electors in Michigan and six other battleground states who used bogus certificates with Trump as the winner of the election in their state, believing he truly won it. Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada, through their respective attorneys general, are giving the names of fake electors. Republican false electors who undermined the Wisconsin election agreed to a legal settlement under which they conceded that Biden won the election and that their involvement in the procedure aimed to that effect. 

Mail Submission and Government Response 

Schwager admitted Tuesday he got the fake Electoral College meeting mail to the US Senate’s mail services on Jan 5, 2021, but he stayed for a few days away until he saw it. 

“The Michigan one came in a little bit late, and so it was added to the collection of the other fake certificates,” he said. 

Schwager also said it was “not uncommon to get one or two often really wacky submissions from people claiming to be electors that are way out there.” 

“I think we get maybe one or two or three every four or eight years or something,” he added. 

Miriam Vincent, Deputy Director of the Legal Affairs and Policy of the Federal Register’s Office, declared Tuesday that she received some documents that purport to be the Certificate of Votes that are not official from some non-official persons. Those are in the archive, which is part of the government authorities. 

The return address printed the Michigan Republican Party, Vinci said. 

Rep. Swalwell asked Zamiet about the phone calls he had prior to and during the certification hearing. Attorney to Donald Trump’s campaign took advantage of some of the fifteen GOP members he spoke to on the phone. 

Legal Proceedings and Judge’s Decision 

The judge decides if there is enough evidence to support the charges without the need for a jury. 

The cases of six defendants are being heard concurrently. The absence of Kenneth Thompson’s lawyer caused the case to be postponed for the seventh person. Preliminary exams for the remaining eight defendants are scheduled for a later time. 


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