United States – The North Dakota state’s lieutenant governor has been in this race for the upcoming gubernatorial elections since yesterday. This has set up a Republican contest in which the state’s congresswoman is set to run against the state’s single congressman, as reported by Associated Press. 

Republican Congresswoman and Congressman to Face Off 

Last month, Governor Doug Burgum declared he won’t seek a third term for the post; Lt. Governor Tammy Miller, former president of a Border States electrical distributor, is running for the position. For Miller, it was an unusual way into politics. She was the second officer in the office from 2020 to 2022 and began to work as the replacement for the resigned Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford, who went into the private sector, as reported by Associated Press. 

She is sure to face off with Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong, who is an attorney and former state senator and happens to be the occupant for North Dakota’s singular seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Unconventional Entry into Politics for Lt. Governor Miller 

“As a business leader, I created jobs and made every dollar count,” Miller said in her announcement. “As Lt. Governor, I worked with Governor Burgum to grow the economy, cut taxes, balance budgets, reduce regulation, and fight the Biden administration. When I’m governor, we will keep the momentum going and take the state to the next level. We’re just getting started!” 

As the Lieutenant Governor, Miller has the duty to gavel and preside over the senate in addition to being the chairperson of different boards and commissions that are accountable for things like big investment funds and blueprints for the capital region. 

While the Party of the dominant Republican State will endorse the candidates for the statewide offices in the convention of April in Fargo, the voters may choose their favors in the primary elections held in June. Republicans have been the long-time occupant of the governor’s seat, having held it since 1992, as Democrats have not been able to win any state election. 

Term Limits and Burgum’s Continued Eligibility 

In 2022, voters enacted term limits, which prohibit future governors from being elected more than twice. However, Burgum is still eligible to run for a third or possibly a fourth term. 


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