United States: President Donald Trump today leveled charges of obstruction of justice at the New York prosecutors who have indicted him in connection with payments for specialists to keep their silence on his dealings with his lawyer, Michael Cohen, who is a key witness against him.

Trial Date Uncertainty

In the history of the United States, this is the first criminal trial of a former President, and the trial date is on March 25. The uncertainty arose when the prosecutors from the office of the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, stated on Thursday that they would not threaten a 30-day stay based on a late disclosure of evidence received from federal prosecutors.

The prosecution office in New York said the just cause for the delay was Donald Trump, who is running for presidency again in 2024. On January 18, Trump also subpoenaed the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan Office of General Services for more information on his personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen who pleaded guilty to two federal campaign finance charges for paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

Legal Maneuvers

Trump has called for a delay of trial by 90 days, or his indictment being dropped. On Friday, his lawyers made a filing with the judge, which was later publicized. They asked Judge Juan Merchan to decide on the choice of the trial dates at the beginning of the week of March 25.

They raised an objection against Bragg, stating that he was restricting “Trump’s access to discoverable information that we should be permitted to use to challenge the credibility of their star witness, Michael Cohen.” Further, they declared that they had subpoenaed the federal prosecutors after having failed to gain documents directly from Cohen.

Bragg’s office had opposed the subpoena to Cohen on October 17 and declared the request to be “extraordinarily broad.” In addition, Cohen opposed it too. Some of Trump’s requests were heeded by Merchan. The denial of the order for delivering the material such as Cohen’s tax information and book publishing deals was accepted.

His representatives have declared that the office is active in its commitments of turning over the evidence that might be used in the investigation to Trump. Conversely, on Friday, it was revealed that the 73,000 pages submitted to the Trump side by federal prosecutors included mainly the unrelated documents.

“We understand that the vast majority of the forthcoming records, like the initial productions, are likely to be unrelated to the subject matter of this case,” the district attorney’s office wrote.

Trump is being charged with enjoining Cohen to give Daniels 130,0000 dollars in exchange for keeping mum about a decade-long sexual encounter they had and finally deceiving to cover it.

Charges Against Trump

Trump, the Republican in the struggle against democratic president Joe Biden in the November 5 US vote, pleaded not guilty to 34 charges of felony, one of the four in total criminal sentences charged to him by the court. Moreover, he also denies having had an apprenticeship with Daniels.

The main reason why Cohen’s testimony at trial will be a great asset to the prosecution is that it will enable them to argue that Trump knew the payment to Daniels violated the campaign finance law and then that he lied in his real estate company’s books about the reimbursement for legal expenses, which are a way to conceal the crime.

The White House lawyers have committed in advance by saying they will question Michael Cohen’s credibility at the trial.

The disruption in the timeline of the hush money trial might add complexity to the initiative of scheduling trials in Trump’s other three criminal cases which are related to his extreme effort to undress Biden’s clear win and harnessing of sensitive government documents while he was not in office since 2021. Besides, he also denies any guilty act in those cases.


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