Rhodesian Chest Rig

Ok. The begging of this article isn’t going to age well. Primarily because my gripes and complaints about why I don’t have time for this project aren’t going garner any sympathy. But here goes:

Rhodesian Chest Rig
Yup. This is a 5.56 caliber FAL.

-The past few weeks were taken up with lots of time spent buying a new range tractor. 

-That delay in maintenance has now resulted in range cutting like crazy to get caught up. 

-My pistol shooting suffered so I have been blowing the dust off of that to get back up to speed. 

-This morning the new range tractor was shipped off a couple hundred miles to get a front end cutter. 

-I am taking bids to build a range barn. 

-And we are trying to get the pistol pit and rifle shooting positions re-graveled before Monday. 

Rhodesian Chest Rig
SAR-4800 FAL

There are about 15 more things I could add to this list, but they are either gun projects that need to be completed or special projects that can’t be disclosed publicly…yet. 

Oh yeah. And…and…I have a private T&E pistol that should have been sent back to the owner (Pat) 2 months ago. A 1911 that I am not done with yet. If Pat were in the mob, he would have whacked me already. 

Rhodesian Chest Rig
Rhodesian Chest Rig

So what does ALL OF THAT have to do with this chest rig? Well…nothing. Other than we got a flyer in the mail for reproduction Rhodesian Chest Rigs. The price was right. And the pictures conveyed to me how simple these things really are. 

“I’m not a chest rig / plate carrier guy, but this thing looks like it makes sense to my 2-cell-amoeba brain.” 

So we bought one. 

Oh yeah! One more thing. We don’t even have have a 7.62 caliber FAL in the reference collection. Only a SAR-4800 that takes 5.56 STANAG mags. 

“No worries. I stuff the pockets with foam or something. And if that doesn’t work, We’ll use it with the G3”

And that, Folks, is how some projects get started around here. Ye olde, “Would you like fries with that”, up sale. 

SARCO got me. 






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