United States – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is expected to announce his running partner on Tuesday as he bids to win the ballot to appear on the independent campaign ticket for the presidency on November 3.

Kennedy’s Unconventional Pool

In anticipation of an event on Tuesday in Oakland, Kennedy and his staffers have been forwarding the names of a bunch of candidates, including non-politicians. Those names will include NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and ‘Dirty Jobs’ star Mike Rowe, together with former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. Currently, the focal point of speculation revolves around Nicole Shanahan, a lawyer and philanthropist who funded a Super Bowl ad for Kennedy, as reported by The Associated Press.

“This announcement is really going to shake up the political establishment,” Kennedy said in the video he posted on social media last week.

Political Maneuvering

Democrats’ fever is at its height due to Democratic Biden’s campaign and third-party ventures that might take votes from the Democratic candidate and give them to Republican Trump. Both Biden and Trump are unpopular at large now, and they are expected to battle it out for the votes of the ones who are not excited about any of them.

With his party background, however, Kennedy will run into rocky waters to get inside the ballot, with different rules in every one of the 50 states. He is opting for running mate because approximately half of the state’s demand him to do so as a pre-requisite for applying for ballot access.

It has already complicated the process of Kennedy’s nominations in Nevada, as shown by the March 7 letter written by Democratic Secretary of State by the name Francisco Aguilar, where the independent candidates were advised that they must nominate a vice-presidential candidate before initiating the signing process. Kennedy’s robocall came a few days after his campaign broke the news that he had gathered enough signatures in the state. However, if Aguilar wins the challenge, then Kennedy will have his second trial, collecting just more than 10 thousand signatures again.

“This is the epitome of corruption,” according to Paul Rossi, a Kennedy campaign lawyer who made a public statement Monday accusing Aguilar of doing the Democratic National Committee’s bidding.

Utah has now been given the privilege of voting for Kennedy. He and the associated super PAC, American Values 2024, insist they have collected enough signatures to rank in several other states, including swing states Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, but elections officials in these states have not yet verified them.

Kennedy is a scion of the legendary Democratic family, which includes his dad, Robert F. Kennedy, who was a senator, attorney general, and former presidential candidate, and his uncle, John F. Kennedy, who was the former U.S. president.

He initially challenged Joe Biden in the primaries last spring but recently switched to a third-party candidate.

Kennedy’s Political Legacy and Activism

The tragedy of Kennedy’s young age was duplicated in the case of his father, who, in 1968, during his presidential campaign, was killed. RFK Jr. developed into his own advocate, author, and lawyer to fight for the environmental cause that he cared about, including clean water.

In the course of his activism, his theories have become more profound in the form of conspiracy theories and sometimes against scientific proof. He is well known for his controversial views on vaccines. Certain relations within his family are of the opinion that he dispenses unacceptable type of views. An example was when many members of the Kennedy family attended the Saint Patrick’s Day reception at the White House, and all of them sent their message by posing together with Biden, and Kerry Kennedy posted this photo to social media.

RFK Jr., through the network he has built over the years of his fierce supporters, who are quite loyal to him. Many of them are convinced by his view on anti-vaccine movements and that the United States government does the bidding for corporations.


Contrary to this, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is preparing to bring down Kennedy and others, such as the No Label Group, which is a well-funded organization in the process of endorsing a moderate duo for the country. The campaign is coordinated by Mary Beth Cahill, a savvy leader who was once some of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s of Massachusetts staff, another of RFK Jr.’s uncles, as reported by The Associated Press.

A number of Democrats attribute the nomination of Green Party candidates for president in 2000 (Al Gore) and 2016 (Hillary Clinton) to the reason of why they lost.


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