United States – On Wednesday, U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer will probably disclose his plan related to the burial without a trial of the previously passed impeachment by the House of Representatives of Biden’s border manager – a Republican.

Schumer Expected to Reveal Strategy

House on Tuesday made an official announcement consisting of two articles of impeachment aimed at Charging Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas with his inability to comply with U.S. border laws and lying to Congress amid high levels of illegal border immigration, as reported by Reuters.

Mayorkas protests, and some Democrats maintain that the scandal has nothing to do with the impeachment and they see it as a mere political stunt.

Senators are expected to take their oaths as the jury that will preside over Mayorkas’ trial next month on Wednesday at 1 p.m. (1700 GMT).

Schumer, in turn, is expected to keep in dike the situation that amounts to a perversion of the impeachment power, which is not an illegal activity at all, though it is at its core a dispute over two different parties’ stances on border security and immigration.

The Republicans have been prepared for a move to drop charges without a trial. This is what they have planned for. These odds are against Mayorkas, as even with trial chances of conviction, they are far outweighed by the lack of votes given that this would be equivalent to firing him.

Republicans Gear Up for Procedural Tactics

“What Senator Schumer is going to do is fatuous, fraudulent, and an insult to the Senate and a disservice to every American citizen,” Republican Senator John Kennedy told reporters on Tuesday.

In order to at least prevent the vote on the dismissal or indeed on the set aside of impeachment charges, Republicans were likely to use a range of procedural tactics that would take up senators’ time and thus encourage a slowdown in their effort.

At some point, Democrats are likely to cease the Republicans’ blockage using their 51-49 majority and decide on a final vote that blows Mayorkas.

Impeachment Debate Intensifies

The partisan disagreement on impeachment is taking place against the backdrop of Biden’s campaign for a second term in 2024 against Trump. As reported by Reuters, immigration is one of the critical needs that all voters would demand the next president look into.

The Senate had introduced a bipartisan immigration reform package earlier this year, but Trump quickly shot it down. As a result, Republicans’ support for the plan dissolved.


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