SIG Sauer M17 Pistol

I acquired a P320 M17 last fall and being 100% honest, it kind of got back burnered and has been sitting awhile.  Depending on what circles you run in, the 320 has huge issues of catastrophic kabooms and ghost firings where the user claims a discharge without trigger manipulation or it is considered statistical anomalies.  Marky and I have discussed this quite a bit and after a lot of back and forth, we have come to the conclusion that there are too many unknowns to actually reach a conclusion.  

With all of that out of the way, I have run a few 320s and ran a 320 Legion pretty hard for awhile with no issues.  I have some plans for this one.  As soon as the correct color Wilson grip module is back in stock, I am gonna slap one on it.  It is going to get topped off with a Delta Point Pro and going to leave everything else pretty much stock.  

I’ll get the Dillon 650 fired up and load a variety of recipes and get this M17 dialed in and rocking.  I am very curious how the Wilson grip will change the characteristics of this pistol.




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