United States – On Thursday, a federal judge in Texas temporarily halted the illegal border crossing law passed by the state’s Republican legislature. The law gives officials very wide powers for arrest, prosecution, and removal of people who cross the border illegally.

Judge Cites Constitutional Concerns

The issue of immigration has been in hydraulics lately as US District Judge David Ezra in Austin sided with the Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration, claiming that the law, which is usually referred to as SB4, strips the federal government under the US Constitution to enforce US immigration laws and hinders migrants from applying for asylum and other humanitarian aid, as reported by Reuters.

Ezra managed to block the date of the bill in question, which was scheduled to come into operation at the end of March, pending the outcome of the case brought by Biden’s government concerning the legality of such law.

Border Visit by Biden and Trump Coincides with Ruling

The Judge announced her decision on the same day that Biden and his Republican opponent and whom America will elect on November 5th, Donald Trump, showed up along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas to deliver their take on the flow of new immigrants that has become a big headache for American voters.

The state is appealing the ruling, according to a statement from Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“Texas has a clear right to defend itself from the drug smugglers, human traffickers, cartels, and legions of illegal aliens crossing into our state as a consequence of the Biden Administration’s deliberate policy choices,” he said.

Refusing to comment was the US Department of Justice.

Texas State Appeals Ruling

According to the Texas law, it will be a crime of the state if a foreign country illegally enters or returns to the state, and local and state police officers will be authorized to detain and prosecute such violators. In addition, it could permit state judges, in their discretion, to order individuals leave the country, with imprisonment for 20 years for those who do not cooperate with the order. The Texas acceptance of the legislation marked a new phase of political fights among Texas, the USA border, and the federal government, as reported by Reuters.

Texas-Government Tensions Escalate

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbot has publicly criticized President Biden for being the cause of a historical increase in illegal border crossings. He has remarked that the measures undertaken by the state, such as installing barbed wire fencing along the border and the construction of the floating barrier in the Rio Grande River, were carried out because of the failure of the federal government to effectively control the situation.


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