United States – At least thousands of reproductive rights supporters rallied on Saturday to endorse a referendum for voters to either on equalization between pro-choice and pro-life in the state constitution. This effort Democrats believe could help them win the Southern state in the upcoming national elections.

Planned Protests in Arizona

Activists in Arizona are planning for another rally on Sunday, where they will protest the decision of the state’s highest court to revoke an abortion ban by referring to a 160-year-old law, as reported by Reuters.

This weekend’s events, among other activities in the past few days, put abortion squarely back on the election ballot between President Biden of Democrats and President Trump of Republicans. In November, Arizona is expected to be among the decisive tip states, and at the same time, the state will host the most heated U.S. Senate election, which is likely to be fought fiercely.

The abortion issue has been clouding Republicans since 2022 when the United States Supreme Court’s creationist majority, including 3 Trump-appointed magistrates, took the liberty away from the nation by reversing 58 years of precedent and demolishing centuries-old abortion as a right all over the U.S.

Democrats Seize on Abortion Rulings

Visual Representation of Women Protesting Against Abostion Ruling. Credit | REUTERS

Democrats, this week, latched onto the court’s decision–which held that the complete ban of abortions after nearly 1864 years would surpass the 15-week restriction that Republican state lawmakers passed only a year ago. The Biden campaign is sending Vice-President Kamala Harris to Arizona on Friday, and she said it is Trump’s fault for the referendum.

Trump has told everyone that the court was wrong in its judgment. He also said it should be up to the Republican-led Legislature to repeal the 1864 ban. But Republican leaders blocked a Democrat motion to do so on Wednesday, reasoning that the law would take effect in days while they were going to work on ensuring everything was on track.

At the rally on Saturday in Orlando, speaker after speaker gave knife-cutting accounts of how they had terminated their pregnancies.

Personal Stories Highlight Stakes of Abortion Policies

Derick Cook, a Florida resident, narrated that his wife had success in pregnancy after two previous abortions. However, complications arising at 16 weeks ended not only in the death of her fetus but also put her own life in extreme danger. It was about two weeks ago when the Legislature of Florida enforced a 15-week abortion ban.

“The doctor told us that because of the ban, there was nothing he could do to help,” Cook nodded when she related, irrespective of the fact that the law provides for abortions when a mother’s life is in danger.

And on the following morning, the man’s wife, Anya, gave birth and lost a lot of blood in the hospital, he said.

The narrative, the same which Cook told before, was close to a truly ground-moving commercial the Biden camp started airing last week that featured a Texas woman whose life was almost compromised by being denied an abortion, and she ultimately blamed Trump for it.

Most state bans, including in Arizona, are vetted to support the mother’s life. However, experts in the field claim that physicians are very cautious about using the exceptions described above for controversial cases that are not straightforward, as reported by Reuters.

In Florida, these past days, the State Supreme Court allowed the abortion ban after six weeks to come into force on May 1. Florida has indeed voted Republican in past elections. Still, the Biden campaign argues that the issue of abortion has made it possible for the state to dispute November’s elections, unlike in the past.


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