United States – Donald Trump is sailing into battle against President Joe Biden powered by anger over the two policy issues that have driven his comeback campaign so far: immigration and the economy.

Trump’s Dominance

It looked as if Trump was going to rule the day in the 16 “Super Tuesday” Republican primaries, locking the party nomination and focusing the whole campaign on Biden before the national election in the fall.

Trump’s ability to ride the wave of people’s dissatisfaction with the state of the country has only been enhanced by his repetitive assertions about it. This is the scale that could go against him in the rematch with Biden, who beat him in 2020.

According to the exit polls by Edison Research, the Republican voters who went to the polls in Tuesday’s election have expressed an apparent extreme economic pessimism that extends well beyond Donald Trump’s core supporters to many moderates and swing voters who may decide the outcome of the election.

People also mentioned that their concerns with the situation at the US border with Mexico are growing. However, many live hundreds or thousands of miles away from the border and still consider it their most important voting issue.

“There is widespread dissatisfaction with Biden and the way things are going in the county today,” said Mark Baldassare, statewide survey director at the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. “The focus on immigration and economy is what caught my attention the most.”

Early Challenges

Back in early 2023, it seemed that losing the Republic vote was a very real danger to Trump, however he advanced, and now all his rivals are gone. Only Nikki Elliot, for Democrats, and in the party’s race for Super Tuesday, is barely still in the running, and Trump is now likely to be that winner in the upcoming primaries in the next two weeks.

On the other side, Biden was also strong steeling. He keeps gathering precious delegates and wins the nomination. And he can be happy that the race is showing that Trump has been unable to attract some important groups, including moderates and college-educated voters, not only Democrats but the GOP as well.

By winning almost all Democratic contests in early March, almost four months before he did in 2016, Trump has lots of time to focus directly on Biden by engaging in debates, providing press conferences, and campaigning around the country.

This extends to the recent spate of not-so-bad events occurring in legal settings. Instead, growing evidence suggests another course of action may have happened. Criminal trials regarding his involvement in the 2020 election subversion could be postponed until after the election.

Neck-to-Neck Race

The latest Reuters public opinion poll showed that Trump and Biden were even at 36% support, with the rest being realized by No opinion or Nobody at all.

The most recent Reuters public opinion poll reported that the race between Trump and Biden is very close, with both candidates having 36% support at the same time, and a significant amount of the other voters stated that they were not certain or would vote for someone else or no one at all.

Now the economy is likely to be a place that will cause headaches for the President. According to the recent Reuters poll, almost forty percent of the respondents believe that President Trump has had a better approach towards the economy during his absence between 2017 and 2021, compared to 33% who opine that President Biden has been more effective.

As Edison’s exit polls indicate, the Governorship election held yesterday showed that about 60% of the voters who came out were conservatives and 30% of the Independent voters, while the 10% remaining were Democrats, who were probably the ones who crossed over to Haley, Trump’s opponent.

When these electorates were asked about the condition of the economy, a bulk of electorates (78%) said the economy was terrible. This was true not only for Trump’s voters but also for those who supported a Republican in the US election in 2016. At the same time, 59% said their own homes were holding steady financially.

It can be argued that voters expect the economy to perform at a higher level than their own personal experience demonstrates because of that detachment, noted Ron Bonjean, an experienced Republican strategist.

“They think everyone else is doing more poorly than they are, which lends to their viewpoint of the overall economy as not so good or poor,” he said.

With regard to North Carolina where one-third of voters are independents, a huge portion of 81% of all respondents said that the economy is in bad shape. What else is spectacular is that 86% felt “dissatisfied” or “angry” with the state of the country.

Immigration Issue

Immigrants are the number-one-top issue as revealed by voters from both Virginia and North Carolina, and the economy is the second most pressing thing on their minds. In North Carolina, from the 63% of voters who asserted that migrants should be rather deported to home, 88% of these went for Trump.

The Super Tuesday event at his Mar-a-Lago house yesterday had Trump talking about the border issue, which also led both Trump and Biden to travel to the southern border to take a look.

“Things that are happening now that are unthinkable. And they are unthinkable at the border,” Trump said. “There are millions of people invading our country. This is an invasion.”

In California, the economy somewhat overlapped immigration, as most polled people said so.

On the other hand, the primary was only available for the officially registered Republicans; only 30% of those who voted, however, revealed that they were “moderate or liberal,” while about a third of the voters recorded themselves as independents. While the country has experienced a tumultuous economy for the past few years and only 6% of the people have been satisfied with this fact.

Wilson was the next to land a blow when he demolished Haley among the nonwhite voters of California, 72% to 23%, bleeding especially among the Latinos without college. It, thus, is a threat, especially for the Democrats, as they bank on these groups of voters as a core base.


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