United States – A staff member of the U.S. Air Force has given up his life after he attempted to set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., saying he “will no longer be complicit in genocide.”

The airman, Aaron Bushnell, 25, from San Antonio, who was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, has now died, the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed on Monday.

Live-Streaming on Twitch

Bushnell had arrived at an embassy around 1 pm that same Sunday, and he started his live streaming on the social media platform called Twitch, where the person who knew about it had told the Associated Press. When asked why he did it, officials made no comment, but some thought it was because he started a live stream, set his phone down, then doused himself in accelerant and lit himself on fire. He then asserted that he would “will no longer be complicit in genocide,” the person said. The video, though, was eventually removed from the platform but was reviewed by the law authorities who had secured a copy of it.

The person was not the right person to discuss the issue in public and has talked to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Air Force Confirmation and Investigation

The Air Force added, “The individual involved in yesterday’s incident succumbed to his injuries and passed away last night.” The Air Force said it would provide additional details a day after the military officials notified his close relatives.

Context of the Tragedy

The event occurred during the time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to get the cabinet’s approval of an operation by ground forces in the southern city of Rafah in the Gazan city of Rafah while a cease-fire deal was being negotiated. The military activities of Israel in Gaza, in fact, sparked criticisms, including claims of genocide against Palestinians.

Israel’s Response and Previous Incident

Israel emphatically refutes the charges of genocide and claims that it is acting in accordance with international law in the Israel-Hamas fight.

In December, a person had self-immolation outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta and used gasoline as an acceleration, as the Atlanta fire authorities say. At the crime scene, the Palestinian flag was found. This crime was believed to be an act of “strong political protest.”


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