United States – Vice President Kamala Harris conveyed on Friday all the risks of growing isolationism and rising authoritarianism in a none-too-obscured condemnation of the worldview of Donald Trump that threatens security guarantees for the Western allies should he be reelected. 

Strong Support for Ukraine Despite Congressional Inefficiency 

From a wide-ranging speech at the Munich Security Conference, Harris defended the Biden administration’s foreign policy, notably its role as a mainstay of international support for Ukraine, which is combating Russia. She made her statement as Ukraine faces the United States’ refusal to support it due to congressional inefficiency and various Trump-inspired positions of his supporters, as reported by Associated Press. 

At the conference, the US vice president offered a short, powerful speech amid the discovery that Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny died in prison. The speech was about supporting democracy as well as multilateralism and defending international rules and norms from attempts to subvert them. 

“We are committed to pursuing global engagement, to uphold international rules and norms to defend democratic allies at home and abroad and to work with our allies and partners in pursuit of shared goals,” Harris said, as reported by Associated Press. 

“However, there are some in the United States who disagree. They suggest it is in the best interest of the American people to isolate ourselves from the world, to defy common understandings among nations, to embrace dictators and adopt the repressive tactics and abandon commitments to our allies in favor of unilateral action,” she said. 

“Let me be clear, that worldview is dangerous, destabilizing, and indeed shortsighted,” Harris said without mentioning Trump by name. “That view would weaken America and undermine global stability and undermine global prosperity. President Biden and I, therefore, reject that view.” 

UN Secretary-General’s Gloomy Assessment 

Before this, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave a clear and depressing assessment of the status of the world, bemoaning not just the conflict in Ukraine but also the current state of affairs in Gaza, where Israel seems ready to launch a significant operation against Hamas in the southern city of Rafah, as reported by Associated Press. 

“It’s clear that our world is in deep trouble,” Guterres said. “Global governance in its present form is entrenching divisions and fueling discontent.” 

“Today, we see countries doing whatever they like, with no accountability. Impunity seems to be the name of the game,” he said. 


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