United President – Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala on Monday is intended to meet with President Berardo Ariel Arévalo from that country as the United States faces a surge of migrants crossing into its southern border, the majority from Guatemala.

Focus on Safe Mobility Offices

Traditionally, the border issue is the main topic on the list, but given the strategic meeting, people are also talking about the US administration’s use of so-called “safe mobility offices,” which were established in Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador in fall and many more on the list. Safe mobility offices are built to make the US refugee process as simple as these migrants create applications where they are and rather pay smugglers to complete the journey north, as reported by The Associated Press.

By the time the 2024 elections are happening, immigration has begun to have bipartisan bickering. Congress members of both parties say our immigration system is a mess, and but the legislation endeavors by lawmakers to resolve the problems are a flop. On the other hand, President Joe Biden has assigned her another job in addition to resolving the elements, the principal cause of migrants leaving their countries to go to the US.

Anti-Corruption Measures

The White House official also revealed that Harris and Arévalo will tackle the corruption issue and discuss how the US can assist with anti-corruption measures. The conversation will outline in great detail what will be expected of Arévalo in the future.

Arervalo won in August, comfortably over the establishment candidate. His father, the former president and the instigator of some of Guatemala’s labor laws, was just as surprised as everybody else that his son had soared above so many others in the long list of candidates.

Surprisingly, the politician who graduated from university after working out the conflict became hot by a message of disrupting the old power map and continuing the war against corruption.

Proposal for Central America

It is also believed that the Democratic vice president will propose USD 5.2 billion dollars for a Central American investment.

Although February’s figure was still the second-lowest monthly number during Biden’s presidential term, the border arrests for illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border bumped up a little, from 182,308 in January to 189,922. Some of those victims (23,780) were from Guatemala, as reported by The Associated Press.


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