ZB-26 Conjugal Visit

While visiting the 07 on some other business I had an opportunity to visit with my ZB-26. Yes, it’s been a long 3 years (or there about). 

The semi-auto conversion and build is basically all done. The last remaining issue is a firing pin. The long and short of it is the original FP design for the automatic rifle keeps breaking during testing. 

This seems to be a known issue and there is a fix. Or more specifically a custom made firing pin that addresses it. The part was supposed to be in from the outside vendor a month ago. 

So yes, think about this. The John1911 Armory bought this kit. Used our outside FFL 07 manufacturer to build the kit, who is then forced to used another outside vendor to source a part. 

MILSURPS truly take a village. Nobody tell Hillary Clinton. Don’t think this is what she had in mind.  






“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”


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